Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Trains

It is very easy to access Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport from anywhere in the City of Paris, as it has one of the world’s best Metro/Rail transport systems in the World. With high speed rail links direct from terminal 2 you can access many of France in a matter of Hours, and now with the Channel tunnel parts of the UK also.

TGV Rail Charles de Gaulle Airport

The TGV rail terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport is situated at terminal 2. If you arrive at Terminal 1 or 3 you can use the free automated rail service to access this terminal, called the CDGVAL which departs every 5 minutes or so. TGV ("Train à Grande Vitesse") is the French High Speed Rail service which is owned and operated by the SNCF (France’s National Railway Company). The TGV can reach speeds of 474KM per Hour and holds the world record for highest average speed for a regular passenger service. The service began between Paris and Lyon in September 1981 and the Eurostar a version of the service between London and Paris using the Channel Tunnel started operation in 1994. From Charles de Gaulle Airport it is possible to access the TGV network without the need to travel into the centre of Paris for the connection. These connecting destinations include Angouleme, Brussels, Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille, Tours, Le Mans, and of course Disneyland has a TGV station also. Many of these destinations have Airports nearby that also service low cost carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet. For more details please see the TGV Map and also visit the SNCF website.

Paris Metro Charles de Gaulle Airport

The Paris Metro service and RER service is also accessible from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

This service links the Airport directly to all Parts of the Paris Metro System. The Metro first came into service in July 19th 1900 but plans to build the Metro were in existence as early as 1845.

This service is one of the worlds earliest, being beaten only by the London underground system which began in 1863. It is currently the world’s sixth busiest Metro system by passenger traffic carrying an estimated 1.4 Billion per year (Moscow being first with 2.5 billion per year).

There are two Metro/RER stops available at Charles de Gaulle Airport these being CDG 1 for terminal 1& 3 and CDG 2 for terminal 2 which accesses TGV station. Tickets can be purchases at the Airport stations; the price of tickets is dependant on where you wish to travel and this determined by city Zones. A single Metro/RER ticket cost 1.50€ and a pack of 10 (a Carnet) costs 11.10€. If you are staying in the Capital it may be favourable to purchase a one day (Mobilis) pass or one day, two day, three day, five day (Paris Visite) pass. If you are staying longer you may purchase a “Carte Orange” weekly pass which runs from Monday to Sunday. Please note Photo ID is needed for this weekly pass. For a Paris Metro interactive route map follow the appropriate link. If you are planning to travel to any location that the public transportation does not reach, like the outskirts of the city you should consider car rental Paris. It may be not as cheap as using metro but it is definitely a low cost alternative to the TGV.