Paris Orly Airport Taxi

Both terminal buildings at Paris Orly Airport have plenty of taxis available outside their arrival areas. It is a very convenient, though more expensive, way to travel, especially if you are carrying luggage. The drive to central Paris is approximately 45 minutes long, but will depend on the traffic situation.

Outside the airport, there are Official Paris Orly airport taxi cabs available, as well as other taxi companies. You are guaranteed to be charged at acceptable rates when using the official airport taxis. The airport taxi cabs may accept credit cards as an alternative to cash payments. They have a metered-fare rate that does not include extra charges for luggage, late night driving and usage on a public holiday. Always confirm the price of your trip before leaving the airport.

Taxi fare rates will vary depending on the time of day that travel is required and the zone of travel (urban, suburban or beyond). The Paris Prefect of Police is in charge of the regulation of taxi fare rates in Paris.

Taxis can end up being very expensive if they are held up in rush hour traffic, therefore it is recommended to use the taxi service only during quieter traffic times. Besides the metered charge, each piece of luggage loaded will add an extra fee, and a fourth passenger will be charged extra. It is your responsibility to be able to pay for the taxi trip with the correct amount of Euros, therefore always clarify the fare rates and any possible extra charges. The majority of taxi companies do not allow for payment by credit card.

When you have called a taxi for transportation from a location within Paris, keep in mind that the meter charges will begin at the point from where the taxi was dispatched. This is not necessarily close to your location. It could be from anywhere in the city. Remember to include extra for this in your taxi budget, as well as a tip for the driver. Drivers usually receive about 10% of the fare, provided the service was good and the taxi was clean.

Taxi fares from Orly Airport can be estimated as about 35 Euros to central Paris, 50 Euros to Versailles and 30 Euros to Massy.

An alternative option to a taxi, and besides the bus and train transportation system, is the Airport Connection. These are minivans offering a door-to-door service. It is a convenient service for couples, small groups and families with children, as child seats are available (taxis do not provide child seats). Reservations must be made in advance, as their passenger loads are planned to ensure that only 3 stops or less are required on each trip. When booking, your arrival time it is best to supply your flight number and airline details. The driver will greet you at the airport. The Airport Connection minivans are available from both airport terminals.

For luxury transportation, Aéroports Limousine Service offers chauffeur driven cars. Travel to Paris, from Orly Airport, will cost approximately 90 Euros.