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There are various parking facilities at Paris Orly Airport that serve the West and the South Terminals. Some of the parking areas are multi-leveled and under cover, while others are large open-air car parks. Those that are situated further from the terminal buildings have regular airport shuttle buses for transportation.

Two parking areas specifically link to the West Terminal, and they are P0 and P2. For the South Terminal, there are P1 and P3. P3 is actually two parking areas named P3rouge and P3vert (or P3 Red and P3 Green). Parking areas P4, P5 and P7 can be used for either terminal building.

The P0 Parking Area

This parking area is convenient for the West Terminal. An elevator from the parking facility leads to the airport check-in area.

When arriving at the airport, initially follow the signs for Orly West, and then those indicating P0 Orly West. This is a covered parking area with video surveillance security. There are 250 parking spaces for motorcycles in lane 0 of Level-1 and lanes A and H of Level-2. Motorcycles may not park in any other spaces. Parking area P0 has dedicated spaces for disabled drivers. Please note only vehicles less than 1.90m and no longer than 8.40m may use this parking facility.

Parking spaces are charged at an hourly rate up to eleven hours of usage, and then at the maximum rate up to twenty-four hours. Special rates apply when parking from Thursday to Monday and from Friday to Monday. A long weekend or weekend flat rate will be applicable making parking much more affordable.

The P2 Parking Area

This parking area is similar to the P0 parking facility and serves the West Terminal. There are parking spaces for disabled drivers and motorcycle spaces in lane 0 of Level-1 and on Level-2, lanes A and H. Vehicle height and length restrictions are the same as for the P0 Parking area. Parking rates are also the same, and weekend and long weekend flat rates are available.

The P1 Parking Area

This is a covered parking area that adjoins the South Terminal of Orly Paris Airport. Signposts for Orly South should be followed and then those indicating P1 Orly South. Disabled and motorcycle parking spaces are available. Parking rates and vehicle height restrictions are the same as the above mentioned areas.

The P3rouge and P3vert Parking Areas

These areas are sometimes referred to as the Red and Green parking facilities and they are most convenient for the South Terminal. Access for these parking areas can be found by following the signs for Terminal South. There are reserved spaces for disabled drivers, but not for motorcycles.

Special weekend flat rates are offered for those wanting to park from Friday to Monday. Normal parking rates are the same as the other parking areas.

Vehicles must conform to a maximum height of 1.90m and width of 2.20m.

The P4 Parking Area

This is one of the open-air parking facilities for the South and West Terminal buildings. A free shuttle bus operates every 9 minutes for transportation to either terminal. The shuttle buses are available at the car park exit, next to the payment points. At the South Terminal, you will be dropped off at Entrance G, and at Entrance H at the West Terminal.

There are no dedicated spaces for disabled parking or motorcycle parking. Parking rates are lower than for the other areas. No vehicle height limitations, only a width limitation of 2.31m.

The P5 Parking Area

This is a covered parking area for the West and South Terminals, with reduced parking rates. The free shuttle buses can be located next to the traffic circle between the streets of d’Italie and Maryse Hislz. No disabled parking spaces or motorcycle parking is available.

Weekend and long weekend flat rates are applicable. A vehicle’s height may not be more than 2m or the width wider than 2.33m.

The P7 Parking Area

This is the other open-air parking area for the West and South Terminals. The shuttle buses operate from the car park exit, next to the payment points. No parking facilities for disabled drivers or motorcycles.

For this parking area there is a special long-term flat rate for parking longer than 6 days and 7 hours.

Maximum vehicle dimensions are a height of 3m, width of 2.28m and a length of 8.40m.

After 24 hours at each parking area, each additional hour is charged at the applicable hourly rate and added to the maximum 24 hour charge. Lost tickets must be paid for.

The P0, P1, P2 and P3 parking areas are open all year round between the hours of 03:30am and 00:30am. P4 and P7 are open from 1 April to 30 October from 03:30am to 00:30am. From 1 November to 31 March they are open between the hours of 04:30am and 00:30am. P5 is open 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

The parking areas of P0, P1 and P4 can be paid for by using a credit card, cash or cheque. Payments for the P2 and P3 areas can be made with cash or a credit card. Only a credit card can be used for parking areas P5 and P7.

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