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Car Hire at Paris Orly Airport - Information

Rental cars are often in high demand at Paris Orly Airport; therefore it is advisable to book your selection in advance. Reservations can be made online, where the prices between all the major car hire companies can be compared.

Car hire companies can be found in both of the airport terminal buildings. Avis, Budget and Europcar have facilities in both the South and West Terminals. Additional car hire companies in the West Terminal are Sixt, National and Hertz.

Persons visiting in France may only rent a car when they are 20 years of age or older. They must, as well, have had their driving license for at least a year.

The outskirts of Paris feature many fast roads and motorways, which allow for easy driving. Some of these include the A5, the A6 and the E54. From the airport, drivers should take the A6 motorway or the National Route 7 to reach central Paris. Keep in mind that traffic in central Paris can be heavy and congested during most times of the day. Speed limits are applicable and there is a limit of 50kph / 30mph in urban areas, 90kph / 55mph on the open roads, and 110kph / 70mph on the motorways or highways.

When driving in Paris, there are a number of car parks that can be used. Parking is allowed along the streets as metered street parking, except where there is a yellow line. Avoid parking in all red routes. Cars should also not be parked in the same place for longer than 24 hours.

Driving Tips and Warnings for Paris and other European Countries

  • A European country may have different traffic regulations and different units of measurements are used. For example, kilometers instead of miles and liters instead of gallons.
  • Fuel prices can be high and many petrol stations are not open 24 hours a day.
  • Have some cash available in case you will be encountering any toll roads.
  • There are strict laws against speeding, drunk driving, the use of mobile phones whilst driving, and illegal parking.
  • Always make use of seat belts and ensure that you have reserved child seats from your car hire company, should they be required.

In Europe, there are some standardized road signs. Priority actions are indicated by diamond signs, warnings by red triangles, restrictions by red circles, requirements by blue circles and squares and rectangles offer guidance. Red road signs indicate a warning or prohibition, and blue signs indicate an obligatory action or informational signage. Obligatory actions are, for example, ‘keep right’ or a feature that can be taken advantage of, such as a car park.

Drive safely and enjoy the services provided by Rent a Car Paris.

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