Paris Beauvais Airport Taxi

Taxis at Paris Beauvais Airport are easily found outside of the terminal building. The taxi service will take you to any destination, including all the way to central Paris. This is a very convenient means of transportation, although it is certainly the most expensive.

The trip to Paris will take approximately 1 – 2 hours depending on your exact destination and the amount of traffic encountered. An average cost of this service will be between 100 and 120 Euros during the day and between 140 and 160 Euros at night. Taxis always charge a bit more for late night driving.

Sometimes a passenger will need to travel to the larger Paris airport of Roissy Charles de Gaulle. The taxi fare is almost the same as when travelling to Paris, at approximately 100 Euros during the day, and 140 Euros at night.

For a more cost effective way to travel to Paris, a passenger can take a taxi to the train station, and then rather travel most of the journey by train. Taxi fares are about 10 Euros when travelling to the train station in Beauvais, and the trip only takes 15 minutes. The train will travel from Beauvais to Gare du Nord in Paris. This is approximately an hour long journey.

Once you have reached Paris from Beauvais Airport, there are many taxis available at taxi ranks or on the street. Some of the main taxi companies in Paris include Alpha Taxis, Les Taxis Bleus and Taxis G7. Of these companies, Les Taxis Bleus is the largest with around 3000 drivers. A taxi service can be booked by phoning the company or by making use of an online website. includes a list of the taxi ranks and other useful information.

It is advisable to only select a taxi that has the required licenses, and that is a specially-equipped vehicle for the private transportation of passengers. It is illegal to operate as a taxi driver without a specially-equipped vehicle.

The following list will help you to identify a legitimate taxi:

  • There will be an illuminated sign on the roof reading ‘Taxi Parisien’.
  • The cost of the journey will be shown by a display meter.
  • From the exterior of the vehicle, one should be able to see a display at the back that monitors the daily duration use of the vehicle.
  • The license number of the taxi is displayed on the front right-hand wing of the taxi.

When travelling from Beauvais, leave in the direction of Amiens on the N1 motorway. You will reach Tille, and from here the airport is well signposted as ‘Aeroport’.

Taxi fares are metered at a rate according to the time and day of travel. There are additional charges for luggage and extra passengers. These charges apply from the second item of luggage loaded into the boot of the taxi, and from the 4th adult passenger onwards. There are no longer extra charges for collection at stations, transportation of animals and wheelchairs that need to be loaded.

Transportation from Beauvais Airport by taxi is very convenient, but make sure that you understand how your journey will be charged and if there are any extra fees applicable. Remember that the taxi driver will also require a tip, which is usually 10% of the final metered fare rate.